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So lets just start off with im an ESFP(guy) and I really like an ISFJ(girl).
We have established that we already like each other and have been talking/texting for atleast a month but we both have been busy doing other things like working, school, etc. So it is so hard to hang out together. We tried to meet up but she has finals next week. So I told her that we can just meet up after her finals are done(I suggested this to make it seem like I truly care for her school, which i do.). But as an ESFP I want to meet with her as soon as possible! I feel so hopelessly in love right now. anyways finals is done in a week and i really dont want her to stop liking me.

I was wondering for ISFJ women do they lose interest fast?

how do you know if an IFSJ women likes you?

and do you think she is thinking about me as much as I think of her?

any help would be awseome
thank you
1 - 2 of 2 Posts