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I have been trying to figure out why my b/f can't give compliments, and is emotionally distant, yet in every other way, is wonderful. From another website I found a description of an INTP and it fits him very well.... (unfortunately for me). So, I did some more googling, and took a test, and found that I am a classic ISFJ. Ugggghhhh... to be with an INTP.....So, that's how I found THIS site, as I googled ISFJ with INTP. Very interesting. It's a 5-month long relationship, and I've been frustrated. I don't feel that I'm insecure, but then admit that maybe I am just a little, but then feel that ANYONE likes to receive compliments from their partner, well, I used to think anyway. So, I will peruse this website, enjoy reading others' posts and get a better understanding and figure out a way that this can work. It shouldn't be work, really, but he's a great guy in every other way, so I think I would like to try.

If anyone has any input, I am open to it.....

Thanks much for reading...


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Good luck with your relationship.

Welcome to the forum :happy:
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