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Dear ISFJs, I need your advice.

A relatively new friend of mine, who is a classic ISFJ, is having a family crisis. She's a 39 year old single mum and lives and works in a neighbouring country from her homeland. She just received news that her father has stage 4 cancer and is devastated. She refused to pick up calls for a few days but just did and told me she's going to visit him next week.

What can I do or say to help her? How can I comfort her or be encouraging without sounding trite? Obviously there's no way to really feel the severity of her feelings toward her dad. If I tried to give her some money (since this is an unexpected expenditure) do you think she would take it, or would she be unhappy since I heard that ISFJs do not like feeling like they owe someone something, even if the other person doesn't think of it as such?

What is the most supportive thing I could do or say? Or if you don't think the ISFJ wants that, what do you think she would need or want?

Thanks for your advice, it is truly appreciated.
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