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Hey hey, it seems I've done this the wrong way around, posting up in the types forum before coming here.
Anyhow, before further getting ahead of myself, let me introduce myself;

I learned about MBTI through an INTP friend of mine, whom a short while ago directed me to this forum.
Since hearing about it, I've had somewhat of an 'average' interest on the subject but I've recently decided that if I want to start 'bettering' myself I'll need to start getting to know myself better first.

At the point of writing I'm 24 years old and I have a vague understanding of whom I am, though not so certain of where I'm going in my life.
There's a pretty big risk of my posts coming across as (semi-)depressing, and, well, the fact is that I am, but that's a whole 'nother story entirely.
The short of it is that I have a strong sense of inadequacy in me that I can't let go no matter how much support I get from outside sources, so I hope I can get some help here to get some in depth perspective on how to deal with myself.
I just hope I'm not putting people off from posting or replying to any of my posts or topics. :)

Quoting Freud; Time spent with a cat is never wasted time, so I got myself a cat not all too long ago and I love him.
Also, if it wasn't for him, this post would have been finished 30 minutes ago, haha!
Anyway, I'm in a stable relationship even though I have been struggling with myself for the past 15 months and I am very happy with my fiancee.
Ugh, I feel I need to write some more stuff down to outshine the shadow above... Let's see...
Ah, yes, I'm an avid gamer and I really like doing things/working with my hands, so it's not all too surprising I picked up miniature building and painting.

On a final note, I first came to suspect that I'm an ISFJ about 2 years ago, about half a year ago I became almost certain.
These days it's become increasingly hard, because whenever I do a test something different pops up (which shouldn't happen), so for some reason my interpretation and/or vision on a certain question apparently changes by the minute and it's starting to feel like a half-bit schizophrenic because of it.
Thing is, I don't know who I am anymore, but I really (almost desperately) want to change myself and the world around me to be a better person/place, but for that to happen I will need to start knowing myself again.
And what better place to start here, eh?

See you guys around! :wink:

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Thank you, I'm already happy to be here! :)
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