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ISFP 8w7, what are they like?

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I am confident in my 8w7, but type...the fact is that the description largely coincides. I wrote about it earlier. ISFPs so calm, artistic and shy and me...impulsive, emotional, aggressive and not too shy😂
Also, first I say, then I think, I haven't seen this anywhere in the descriptions of ISFP
So, maybe it's because enneagram? Tritype is 846.

P.S. I'm considering the possibility of ESTP, 'cause ESFP suits me less. I just wanna know about ISFP 8w7) There is confidence in Se/Ni
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Why do you think you're an ISFP? 8w7 is potentially the most extroverted/outpoken of all enneagram combinations. For an ISFP to be one, they would have to disregard their first function and may be in a perpetual Se-Te loop. But that could be explained easier by saying they're an Se dom who's moving to their third slot Te (ESFP). It's not impossible, but the person must be in so much distress.
Good question. I don't know. because in many ways it fits!😂
I don't think I fell in the loop, for one thing I can't be called a super extravert.
I'd recommend reading up on the cognitive functions. Maybe look at Fi and Se first and see which one dominates your life more. You can also look to the 4th function in the MBTI stackings, it's each types weak point. So for ENTP it's Si, which means it's difficult for me to recall specific events in full and keep a routine going. ISFP is Te and ESFP is Ni. once you've figured out how the functions affect how you live then you can figure out the enneagram aspect. hell, you could be an Sx 6, they demonstrate the same outward qualities as an 8, however they are agressive because they're scared, 8's are aggressive because they're angry. Good luck! 🙏
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