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ISFP + 9w8 or 7w8?

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I took the test at Eclectic Energies.

My top three results are:

(no wings)

Type 7 - 5.7
Type 9 - 5.7
Type 8 - 5


Wing 9w8 - 8.2
Wing 7w8 - 8.2
Wing 8w7 - 7.9

I'm not sure what to make of this...I've been trying to figure out Enneagram for awhile, but no dice.

Is it even possible for an ISFP to be enneagram 8?

Any ideas?
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It would be possible, but not likely. I don't think you are an Eight anyway, just from your results. Have you read the descriptions of the Nine and Seven? The tests really only help narrow it down. Once you get it down to a few options, then you can read up on them and usually figure it out from there. For you, it seems the Seven and Nine are top contenders. You should read those along with the wing descriptions. Here's some links that describe wings as well:

7-Enneagram Type Seven |

9- Enneagram Type Nine |

Once you read them, let us know what you think. :laughing:
Well, I've figured out since that I'm INTP, not ISFP. 9w8 is definitely me according to the description on that website. :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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