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ISFP and Si

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I was going through the cognitive functions forum and found a post that gave examples of the thought process of people who use Se/Ni or Ne/Si (functions in any order). It described Si/Ne as:

"Ne/Si user - This reminds me of the last time we went to 7-Eleven and Twenty One Pilots was playing on the speakers and they didn't have the candy I wanted, remember how pissed we were? [emphasis on detail, no extraction of underlying meaning]"

I found this very relatable, as did another ISFP according to the comments. This isn't the first time I've related to the Si function, I thought I was an Si user not an Se user for a long time. I went and googled Si to get some descriptions and the following came up:

" Dominant introverted sensors (ISTJs and ISFJs) have effortless and accurate memory and are excellent at relaying information. They can easily compare present experiences with past experiences, and can tell if something is out of place or “not right”. They store their memories vividly within their minds; and because of this can often think back to a time in the past and reflect on exactly how they felt, what it was like, and remember every detail beautifully. "

I do relate to a lot of the Se descriptions, I'm highly aware of my environment and take pleasure in sitting and absorbing the sights and sounds and other sensory things. But I'm not a high action person, I don't like surprises and I'm not spontaneous (the most spontaneous thing I've done recently is impulse buy a 90p pumpkin...and made a delicious risotto with it!) and I like routine and things that familiar.

Any other ISFPs relate to Si? Could it be a mix of Fi and Se making me see Si in myself? Or am I likely not an ISFP?
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