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I am an ENFJ with two very special ISFPs in my life.

My best friend is an ISFP, we have been best friends since birth (we were born 6 days apart and have known eachother since soon after), and he is so friggen awesome A side note would be that even though we have been best friends for such a long time we have never had a single fight with one another in our single life, we both get along perfectly, although he didn't really open up to me for many years (until a few years ago).

My girlfriend is also an ISFP, we had a class in Highschool together but considered each other to be too weird. We ended up going to the same college and almost immediately hit it off and have been together for 5 months now. Even though it has been such a short time, we often talk about distant events like marriage, children, children names, etc. We both like creating realities, but our realities are often very different. I think of an idealistic world where we live a perfect life together, but in her day dreams she creates very detailed realities with drama and tragedy.

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