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Ah, I'm always doing things out of order. I didn't stumble on the intro forums until now so I figured I may as well introduce myself. ^.^

So, my name is Jess and I'm... I'm.. uh... maybe it would be better just to list 10 facts about myself!

  • When I'm frustrated or excited, I blurt out a made up language. It's better than cursing and I'm told the excited outbursts are adorable because I jump around, clap and flash a huge, dorky smile that hardly ever comes out /that/ big!
  • I met my boyfriend on AOL 8 years ago when it was still taboo to date anyone from the internet.
  • I don't believe in soul mates because I hate to think that there's only one person out there for me as he'd be the type most likely to die from slipping on a banana peel!
  • I play charades with my boyfriend sometimes when I want something. I'll randomly act out the motions and keep trying until he gets it right or I give up. He's gotten REALLY good at it over the years, lemme tell ya!
  • I have absolutely no desire to learn how to drive. It just doesn't appeal. I live a 20 minute walk from a Walmart and my boyfriend drives if we want to go far but we're usually homebodies, grilling out back or working on projects like my art or his computer tinkering.
  • One time, when we were at a marina, my dad was preparing his boat for a ride and I was dying of thirst. No one was listening to me so I went to look for a drink but found nothing except a soda machine that I didn't have money for. I kept looking and saw a 10 gallon jug of orange something by the docks and I thought maybe they were taking orange soda with them and hadn't put it on board yet. I ran over and unscrewed the cap to this ginormous jug and sniffed. Yup. Smelled like orange soda. I actually stole the container, (I was maybe at most 12-14 years old) and carried it up the hill to a bench. It was too heavy to pick up over my head so I thought if I tipped it over on a bench table, I could position my head under it and drink. So I did and I quickly learned it was not orange soda at all but was orange scent soap. My tongue blew up and I was having trouble breathing. I went back to my parents after that with puffed lips, cheeks and tongue which made them freak out, lol.
  • I like to hum made up songs but when I do, I'm constantly looking over my shoulder to make sure no ones sneaking up to catch me humming. I don't know why. It takes away so much from the enjoyment of doing it but yeah. I also blurt out parts of songs that are stuck in my head, confusing the people around me.
Me: "I kissed a girl and I liked it!"
Boyfriend: "WHAT?"
  • When I went to 3rd grade in Florida, I proudly took Barney stickers and put them all over my pencil case. Upon entering the class, I heard them talk about how lame Barney was. I tried peeling the stickers off but they just left sticky outlines of the forsaken dinosaur! I was mortified. Lucky for me, I no longer care what's in or out, just what I like.
  • I've taken care of my parents most of my life. I come from a dysfunctional family and the first thing I wanted to do at 18 was leave it all behind but now I feel obligated to stay. One of the reasons is I fear for my mother's safety due to my dad's violence. I still don't forgive her for raising me in that type of environment but I feel like I have to protect her because she can be too dumb to protect herself.
  • I practice quite a few things: drawing, painting, shirt designs, sewing, cooking, gardening, psychology stuff, creating tinctures and homemade medicine/lotions/perfumes/cleaning products and the list goes on.
But this list doesn't!

So, hi.. er well, I guess goodbye and I'm already enjoying my stay here. Y'all seem like such a friendly bunch. <3:wink:
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