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I have taken maybe 2-3 different personality types and ALWAYS resulted in "INFP". :sad: I thought I was an ISFP... I mean, I have read the "You know you're a ____ when..." for both and I thought I related the ISFP more than the INFP... Well anyway, I'll give a 100% honest assessment about myself:

I am obviously introverted, though I make sure I "check in" with my loved ones and try to at least be in the same room with them so they won't feel lonely (and because I have a weird habit of getting sick of one room, so I keep changing rooms so that I don't get bored, LMAO!) and then come back to my room to introspect some more. I am usually nocturnal and don't understand why people HAVE to sleep at night and wake up early in the morning... In fact, I hate early mornings and noons. SO BORING! :crazy:

Hmm... I am sensitive for sure, and it's hard to keep it under wraps no matter how hard I try... People always know how I feel by the expression on my face. (And maybe because, deep down, I want them to figure out why I'm upset.) I love animals and children, and have an appreciation for beauty, especially that of nature. I don't mind routine, but when I do something completely out of the ordinary, I feel very exhilarated and excited. I just love spontaneity. I cry when other people cry, even if they're just TV characters. :laughing: I am very affectionate to those I love, and love hugs more than anything.

I LOVE to help people... If there's ever an opportunity to help someone without getting anything out of it, I jump at it without a second thought. Making other people happy, makes me happy too. I never felt like I belonged anywhere, and I still do feel this way. I feel like I'm some sort of martian. It's hard to keep my thoughts to myself... I make faces and even start talking to myself when having intense thoughts. :proud: I am very obsessive compulsive, always checking things to see if they're "right", before calming down... And then do the same process the day after that. I make lists for no reason at all. I am talented in writing and creating stories. I start things without the intention of finishing them. I hate it when I'm trying to look for something when it's RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF MY FACE and it takes me a long time before I realize it. :crying:

I love humor and everything funny. Making myself and other people laugh is the meaning of life to me. I love my lava lamp. I stare at people a lot without meaning to. My head is in the clouds a lot, and it makes people angry, it seems. :tongue: I don't understand cruelty, especially animal cruelty... Omg my heart breaks for them! :sad: My room is always messy... Whenever I clean up after myself and promise myself that I'll keep my room clean, well, let's just say I always fail. Big time.

Sooo yeah. That's me in a nutshell. So, am I an ISFP? Or an INFP? Thank you!
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