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ISFP + xNFP = sensual tension... or is that just me being an SP?

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I'm an ISFP and I find that it's been in my nature to surround myself with people I generally find attractive. However, last night I sent a link of the humanmetrics MBTI to several girls from my school bus that seem to give me a little more attention that I'm well used, which really isn't much at all.

The two (let's call them Carol and Chesca) that I find have my attention the most are both ENFPs.
  • Carol and I offer each other plenty of emotional support and affirmation; looking back on our interactions, we also seem to make very indirect allusions at the prospect of having a relationship to each other, too. She's really never a dull moment!
  • Chesca and I are very physically playful, and she often takes things I'm wearing while we are in conversation -- such as my glasses, necklaces, or beanies.

The third is an INFP (let's call her Mirai). She's more intimate, but also physical. She doesn't assert herself as much as the other two, but when I sit within reach, she doesn't hesitate to touch me by the arms, hands, neck, etc.
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I am an INFP, and I seem to detect ISFPs easily, and yes, there is an interest perhaps of all three: mind, body, spirit.
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