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-Hi , just discovered i'm a ISFP yesterday & i have read "ya know ya'r an ISFP when..." topic . It match to 99,9% of my personality :carrot: . But i have'nt seen much about your guy talking about your job ( which job you choose ? do you love it ? )
-Currently i'm a translator , and i feel pretty comfortable with my job , most of the time i just translate document ( concertrating at work is pretty hard for me :hampster: ) , I used to teaching foreign language too but *I hate teaching job*:sick: . The job and the pay is good , but spend 8 hours a day at office is... :nonchalance: . I'm learning photography now , and maybe i will switch my job in the future :winetime:

How about you ? what is your job ? what are you learning ? Do you love it ? Let's discuss :perc3:

P/S : sorry for bad english . english is neither my first nor second nor the language i used at work
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