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ISFPs and depression

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So I'm 19 and have been depressed for about two years now. I'm very much an ISFP and was wondering if depression is more common among us.

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I have not been clinically diagnosed with depression, but of course I know depression. Like most ISFPs, it usually comes upon me suddenly and intensely, and then disappears just as quickly. The months after I got rejected from the girl I desperately fancied at school was probably the longest period of depression I've had, which would just come back and intensify regularly as I would see her in school each day. Yet that was my last year of school and I was forced to be productive, and I consider myself lucky to have done well enough to do what I'm doing now.

Instinctually I don't think clinical depression is any more common with ISFPs than it is with other types. Just because we wear our hearts closer to our sleeves doesn't mean it's any easier to actually, severely traumatise us any more than some cold-as-ice T.

Heh, Ice-T.
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