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I have had mild depression that seems to sometimes accompany a bad cold or flu. I get upset with myself and start to analyze my depression during this time. I realize that feeling blue because of an upper respiratory virus is stupid and I force myself out of it. I believe this to be a chemical thing.

I have felt full on depressed at other times, but again it's the same thing. I analyze why I am depressed and begin to question my motives. I begin to question if I really need to feel as worthless/useless as I do. If other people's dislike or hatred for me is causing the depression, I make myself feel stronger and basically say "fuck them".

I can feel very sad, grief stricken, or bad without being depressed. For me, there is a big difference. Still, there have been few times when I know the depression just has to run it's course.

The one time I was extremely low was when I was battling an anxiety attack. It was just all these obsessive thoughts over and over again. Nearly paralyzingly fear. I welcomed going to work just to get my mind busy on something else. It lasted 2 weeks and I lost 15 lbs, slept no more than 8 hours a night straight, and looked like shit. It was all for nothing because everything turned out ok. My anxiety was irrational, but telling my psyche that at the time did no good. That has never happened to me again.

I am prone to melancholy but again, that to me is different than depression.

I hope you shake your depression soon.

Best of luck!
1 - 1 of 34 Posts
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