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ISFPs and depression

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So I'm 19 and have been depressed for about two years now. I'm very much an ISFP and was wondering if depression is more common among us.

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Diagnosed with general anxiety disorder & seasonal affective disorder (depression for half the year)
Medication doesn't help me one bit personally
I've tried everything
Therapy is all that helps
I can't say I know how you feel, but I empathise with you :)
You're not alone
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wow, I really appreciated your post
I've always been told oh its a chemical imbalance, oh its just your thinking, oh take this medication and you'll be better
when I've always felt it's just the way I am, the other things may be partly true of course, but it's not the whole picture
Therapy has helped a lot with the thinking, but I know it will never totally go away, and I'm okay with that
I don't want to sound like I don't want to get better, because I've been trying really hard to get better (not "cured") but with some people it will never totally go away
When my therapist told me that at first I was crushed
I always thought it was some disease I needed to get rid of ASAP
but it's what makes me unique

Depression/anxiety disorders seem to run in my family
The people who have it have similar personalities
Could it really be just the personality running in the family?
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