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What stresses out an ISFP:
– Rigid structure and rules
– Having to violate their deeply held values
– Not enough alone time. Too much extraverting.
– Too many demands or obligations.
– Having to deal with excessive data
– Long-term planning
– Criticism
– Lack of appreciation from others
– Feeling that they are about to lose something (relationship/task, etc,..)

When under stress, ISFPs can often become passive aggressive, restless, and defiant. If stress continues to build, ISFPs may become self-destructive and careless of their own well-being in an effort to restore excitement or affirmation in their life. If an ISFP is in a state of chronic stress, they may fall into the grip of their inferior function, extraverted thinking, and become “the criticizer”. They may be harsh and critical of others, obsessing over their mistakes, and others incompetence. They may have an intense urge to fix perceived problems or right wrongs, but this can often worsen the situation.

How to help an ISFP experiencing stress:
– Give them some time alone to process their feelings and thoughts
– Validate their feelings, and listen to them. Female ISFPs are often ready to talk sooner about their feelings than male ISFPs
– Remind them of their strengths.
– Don’t give them advice. It won’t help when they’re stressed.
– Don’t try to reason with them or be logical. Just be patient, calm, and affirming.
– Only after they’ve calmed down from the stress ask if they’d like any help with solutions.

Quoted from Psychology junkie
How Each Myers-Briggs® Type Reacts to Stress (and How to Help!) - Psychology Junkie
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