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I'm an ISTJ who has learned in January about my trait of being a highlysensitive person. My resource for this is the only book on the subject called,The Highly Sensitive Person and there's a short video by the author explaining what an HSP is Youtube titled: The Highly Sensitive Person: An Interview with Elaine Aron. Being a new member, I can't insert links, yet.

I had always been misdiagnosed as a shy person, timid, or antisocial. Nope!I now know that there wasn't anything wrong with me; rather, I was special inthat I had a trait in which all my senses are always taking in the subtletiesaround me that others don't pick up on. So, when I'm in a chaotic environment,a place with lots of distractions, or too many people, I would eventually beoverwhelmed and have to find some solitude to calm myself from over arousal.

I would like to talk with others with the same trait.

Here are some other videos on Youtube explaining this fascinating part of some of us:

An INFP HSP: The Highly Sensitive Person

Born as a Highly Sensitive Person / Empath

All About Empaths
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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