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Hey guys, this thread I am talking about the romantic relationship between a really cool pair of personalities: ISTJ and ESTP
I am obviously an ISTJ person, although I am not sure about the I. A lot of time I feel like ESTJ, for I love to be the leader, interacting and managing other people, while at the same time not too much of a social animal.
Anyway, I need help on getting the ESTP girls. I am strongly attracted to their unpredictability, confidence, casuality, ambitious mindset, and cool personality.
I read a lot of pages about ESTP, and they all say that the best partner of an ESTP is an ISTJ, who is like a Ying to her Yang. To me, ESTP is an irresistably cool personality, especially when the girls have it. For two ST person, conversation feels much easier, while E/I, J/P balance out each other, create intriguing difference for both parties. In fact, my brother is an ESTP, and we are best friends forever.
One thing that I notice about ESTP girls, is that they really take good care of their health, and their love physical experience. I am talking about going to gym to work their asses out every single day (while I was too busy to finish my homework assignment). I know that I have to hit the gym more to get those cool ESTP girls.
Another thing, ESTP girls can get bored quickly when they have 1 on 1 conversation, which is something that I prefer. And it is hard at the same time, for the ISTJ guy may usually be invisible in the eye of the ESTP girls

I am not a shy guy, but I worry that my introvert side might be a barrier for me to approach the extrovert girl. The ESTP girls never appear in library, which is where I spend most of my time.

Please give me your advice.
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