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Hi Guys,

I recently changed my Enneagram type, and am questioning my Myers Briggs Type. About 95% of the time, I test out as ISTJ. However, I have occasionally tested out as INTJ.

When I look at Myers-Briggs typology, I can get the basic understanding of how it works and the overall idea of cognitive functions work, but if I had to explain them back to someone, I wouldn't know how (that statement there probably says a lot). My tests typically show a "slight" preference for S over N, and also a "slight" preference for T vs. F. I'm strongly introverted, and have a moderate preference for judging over perceiving.

The "S" seems to stand for "shaky" these days, lol, and sometimes I question the "T" as well (though less so than S vs. N). I seem to use both Si an Ni almost equally (and it's hard to explain that in words, as well). I can express myself well in writing when I understand a topic well (obviously, I don't understand this topic very well, lol). I've also been described as "a very intuitive person" by several people, which I've previously mentioned before.

So, any idea where to start? For those familiar with me, what MBTI type do I seem like to you, and why do you believe this to be my test result? I'm very curious to hear the responses.

Thanks, guys. :0
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