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For the ISTJ ladies, please bear with me since I'm getting a bit crazy not sure about what I'm feeling in regards to an ISTJ female.
I will lay in the data first for you to understand:

  • We grew up together and had a brother-sister relationship when I was dating her older sister.
  • My relationship with her sister was ended more than 5 years ago and her sister is dating another man today.
  • Good terms with my ex and her family.
  • Her family is really harmonious and treated me as part of their family. I'm really thankful for that as well.
  • We tend to see each other on a daily basis even when I and my ex broke up.
  • We have a touchy non-malicious kind of relationship. I really treated her as my younger sister back then since I'm the youngest in our family and longed for a sibling.
  • We moved to another location but kept in touch via texting and haven't met up until now.
  • When my sister died this January, she texted me, "I love you" after I told her the things I felt when my sister died - in my point of view, it was probably her way to cheer me up. I also responded with the same words as my thanks.
  • With that said, our texting relationship became a bit frequent and the I love yous becomes more common.
  • I am an affectionate type of person that doesn't shy off when saying what I feel, but I don't want to blurt out my feelings immediately when I'm not that sure about what I'm experiencing right now.
  • I'm starting to look for a way to chat with her, longing for her responses every time.
  • I also tell her how important she is to me and she always responds in an appreciative manner.
  • I'm starting to worry if I'm annoying her since she lacks a response lately. or I'm just imagining things and she was always like that since before.

Ladies, I would love to hear your advice: given the data,
  1. Does she look at me as her brother only?
  2. If so, how should I approach her and make her interested in me?

I want to find out first if ever she's interested in me or not before I try to tell her my true feelings. I don't want to risk destroying years of our relationship with her and her family by expressing my feelings to her immediately.

Thanks in advance for your insights. I'm not sure where to post this thread I just tried anyways. Thanks
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