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I also posted this over at INTJ forum.

I have taken 6 different MB tests the last day, and 4 say Im a INTJ while two say ISTJ.

So, how do I know what I am? It seems more to be of wording type of thing. Since English is my second language how the question is asked may affect how I answer the question.

Its the N or S question I get the different readings on. The other three are very stable.

I guess the INTJ are supposed to be very smart ( in serious test Ive always landed somewhere around 120, not that high, most IQ test can be thought with repitition ) but never been really good at School. Atleast not in our school system where boundries where never set. No homework needed etc..

I love to think about efficient use of materials and time. How to calculate making capital investments and depreciacion. Ive never studied it, but I would love to read about it. How to make a businesses more efficient and competetive. Im studying Social Economics, but I find it to teoretical not practical, so its very boring to me. That and with a full time job, I get very low grades.

Could anybody direct me somewhere I could find out if Im more inclined to N or S?
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I'd say look into the differences between Ni and Si and see what matches you better. But I don't think that you can just go by some of the things that were said above (like Ns are left-handed, or that Ns are smarter than Ss).

You could take a cognitive processes test (like the Keys to Cognition test). That should at least tell you if you prefer Ni to Si, even if the order of some of the other functions isn't right. Just google Keys to Cognition (or is it Keys 2 Cognition) and you'll find the test.

Let us know if you have more questions after taking a cognitive processes test.
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