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I also posted this over at INTJ forum.

I have taken 6 different MB tests the last day, and 4 say Im a INTJ while two say ISTJ.

So, how do I know what I am? It seems more to be of wording type of thing. Since English is my second language how the question is asked may affect how I answer the question.

Its the N or S question I get the different readings on. The other three are very stable.

I guess the INTJ are supposed to be very smart ( in serious test Ive always landed somewhere around 120, not that high, most IQ test can be thought with repitition ) but never been really good at School. Atleast not in our school system where boundries where never set. No homework needed etc..

I love to think about efficient use of materials and time. How to calculate making capital investments and depreciacion. Ive never studied it, but I would love to read about it. How to make a businesses more efficient and competetive. Im studying Social Economics, but I find it to teoretical not practical, so its very boring to me. That and with a full time job, I get very low grades.

Could anybody direct me somewhere I could find out if Im more inclined to N or S?
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I can paste somehting I wrote in the former post over at INTJ

"Im constantly caluculating my wage, what it would be if I worked overtime, get a raise, how much I need for retierment. Most purchases I make ( very few ) are very carfully matched to other bundles of goods to see where I get the most utility.

Thinking about things I would like to buy in a year or two, and constantly trying to find the "best" given my options, and if I couldnt get a better deal going a different route.

PS: to me this sounds like a Personality Dissorder, but hey, what do I know.

I like conclusions rather then drudging through tons of paper. I want the facts so I can prosses them in my mind. Not finding the facts myself."

Your questions:
1) Nope, right handed
2) Nope..cant say that..
3) I have no problems doing things repetitively.. because I can use that time to think about other things. Now Im thinking about work related.. as I had a job assembeling minor components when I was younger.
Tradition, yes, to some extent ( here Im thinking christmas, national holiday so I might be wrong ).
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I read a post about answering the complete opposite of what I would normaly do.

So, I answerd completely backwards, and I got:

Your type is
% wise
89 12 88 33

I read some links you posted niss63, and I found this to really suit me (INTJ): but I cant post links before my 10 post, but its written by Grey, and called Masterminds: the INTJ personality

One thing Im currious about though.. while it seems Im in this group, I struggle with getting good grades. This can come from me not never doing homework. I was just never pushed to it, not by school or parents. I was just happy living inside my mind, creating fantasy worlds. But, funny enough, all my friends are doctors, psychologists, masters in Math, Nano tec, petroleum.. and myself struggeling to pass in Sos.Economy.

I cant seem to focus my mind when its not somehing I really enjoy, and instead think of stuff I enjoy. I can understand the models they teach us at school, but I suck at explaining them, thuss the poor grades I get. Wich is really sucking the fun out of studying.. this does not sound like a INTJ.

Im however good at picking up small stubbs of information and see bigger pictures. But since Im not able to use this in a school setting, atleast not with good grades, Im a afraid I will never get the oppertunity to work in a field I would love.
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I got a message saying I shoud do a Ennagram test, to figure out what I might be. Well I took one three years ago, and the same test today.

Here are my results

3 years ago:
1: Type 5 & 6, 23points each
2: Type 1, 19points
3: Type 4, 18points
4: Type 3, 16points
5: Type 9, 15points

1: Type 6, 24points
2: Type 1, 21points
3: Type 4, 20points
4: Type 9, 19points
5: Type 5, 18points

What would you guys make out of this.. there is not alot of points between the rankings but, 1 and 6 are high up on both tests. 4 is steady (atleast in ranking).

After reading the description of the 6, it kind of fits. Im making back up plans on back up plans. Planning years in advance, like to be self reliant, suspicious and enjoy working with women.
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Since I didnt have anything else to do yesterday, I spent most of the day on this forum and reading about different personalities. So after taking this Ennagram test again (at after 3 years, I took 4 more at 4 different sites. All those say Im a 1.

Now, Im really sceptical about all this. How come they differ so much? I mean, I can agree with some of the Type 6. But clearly not all.
Oh, and I actually paid for the personality test at

I: 95%
N: 63%
T: 89%
J: 68%

IQ types:

Intrapersonel: 80%
Logic/math: 80%
Kinesthetic: 74%
Naturalist: 74%
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