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I also posted this over at INTJ forum.

I have taken 6 different MB tests the last day, and 4 say Im a INTJ while two say ISTJ.

So, how do I know what I am? It seems more to be of wording type of thing. Since English is my second language how the question is asked may affect how I answer the question.

Its the N or S question I get the different readings on. The other three are very stable.

I guess the INTJ are supposed to be very smart ( in serious test Ive always landed somewhere around 120, not that high, most IQ test can be thought with repitition ) but never been really good at School. Atleast not in our school system where boundries where never set. No homework needed etc..

I love to think about efficient use of materials and time. How to calculate making capital investments and depreciacion. Ive never studied it, but I would love to read about it. How to make a businesses more efficient and competetive. Im studying Social Economics, but I find it to teoretical not practical, so its very boring to me. That and with a full time job, I get very low grades.

Could anybody direct me somewhere I could find out if Im more inclined to N or S?
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I also have a few questions to strike out the ambiguity
1) Are you left handed? If you are left handed you are definitely N type
2) Do you enjoy reading the theories and concepts of MBTI? Do you try to find the abstract definition of it
3) Do you value tradition. Do you enjoy doing things repetitively? Can you stand doing the same thing over and over again?
I'm left-handed and an S, without a doubt. I assume this was taken because of handedness and the prominent hemisphere being used typically being opposites (left-handed people typically being right-brained with intuition and a right-handed people using the left hemisphere of logic). However, this does not always hold true. My human cognitive processes professor discussed this saying that for left-handed people if they completely turn their paper sideways while writing then they do not use an alternating hemisphere and are most likely left-brained, sticking with logic over intuition the majority of the time.

I don't have excessive data to prove this but with myself as evidence all left-handed people are not Ns, lol. Also, I'm nowhere near ambidextrous, I've used my left-hand for pretty much everything since I was a few months old, according to my parents.

Also, Ns and Ss can both fall anywhere as far as intelligence goes. The thing with Ss is that we are still capable of understanding the theories we're presented with but we're not going to go with them alone...we are probably going to remain skeptical until convincing evidence is presented. I know that personally I'm also a type 1 as far as the Enneagram, and if you need to know one thing about 1s it's that we are perfectionists and we do not like to be I wait for evidence to surface before I jump on an intuition or emotion.

Haha, sorry, I got on a bit of a rant there...
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Hi Firedancer,

It's not a rant,it's a great reply. Thanks. Awh man, your explanation is just awesome.

I guess I was wrong about the right hand and left hand thing. Left handed can still be S type.

It's probably just how we weigh informations. I guess one can come up with the most imaginative solution yet he may weigh traditional solutions higher

By the way, your professor may be right. I am left handed and I always twist the paper sideways. It seems to help when I try to do math subjects. Didn't care to explain why until now :wink:

But being left handed, do you find yourself having a wild imagination? Do you day dream always?
First, thanks for the positive feedback! To answer your question about daydreaming and imagination I have always found it easy to use these things as well as logic (as a more definitive decision-making tool) when I am working on any sort of project. I've always been pretty creative, enjoying things like painting and photography. Also, when writing papers, even those of a research nature, I always try to add in unique tie-ins to make it more interesting.

While I use logic for my decisions on the whole my interests are usually abstract, subject-wise, including psychology, theology, and literature at the top of the list. They're not nearly as fact-oriented as something like math but still have their own aspects of logic and fact to be considered at their roots.

Putting me an S over an N comes from my personal survey and perpetual analysis of my environment in comparison to the past. While I do have a strong intuition about things I go with it far less than the concrete facts and experiences I have previously found to be accurate or at least the better option.

I hope that's something like what you were looking for, thanks again!
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While I'm better with concrete facts, I can achieve understanding of theories very easily as well - I just cut the abstract down into concrete pieces that I can consume with more elegance. Call me an abnormal ISTJ, but saying N's are supposed to be smarter is a subjective statement. I think intelligence is way deeper than the choice between S and N.

You state yourself that you prefer practical over theoretical, you prefer conclusions, you prefer facts. I think that's what pushes you over the S/N border to the S side.
Agreed. True intelligence requires incorporating theory AND fact to grasp knowledge in deeper ways.
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