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Hi everyone,

I'm making this post to gain a little more insightful thoughts of this ISTJ guy friend of mine. We have been talking for over 3 months and things were great. I'm an ITNJ female and we click very well. We share same interests, motives and perspective in life. I do want to pursue a romantic relationship with him. We often do video calls on Friday and Saturday nights til 4 am talking about life, our insecurities and movies. We are currently in long distance but we plan to meet up in either my country of his since we're just 2 hours away from each other.

But since the Covid situation got worse in his country, he has stopped video calling or engaging in conversations. It has been a month since we last video called and I thought at first he had mental health issue but it turned out he was zoned in his introverted bubble during this time and he felt like he wouldn't have anything to talk to me since he didn't go out so he stopped contacting me. He said I would hear from him again after his country opens up which is after June 1st. I totally understand him in this matter so I let him be and carry on with my life.

But what stresses me out the most as an INTJ is that I can't stop overthinking and i don't know where to put him in my life. I really treasure all the time and stories we share each other. Logically, I do see him as a lifelong friend/ potential partner so I think just a month of no contact wouldn't be an issue? But emotionally it hurts me. He didn't tell me what was going on, why he went no contact for 2 weeks, only when i asked him and he told me the reasons. Whenever i started a conversation, he didn't have interests in engaging and end up leaving me on read.

It's my birthday today and he texted me a Happy Birthday message at midnight. We exchanged a few texts then i told him i appreciated the fact he coming out of his bubble. Then he left me on read. AGAIN.

I hate emotional drama in my life and i definitely don't want to cause it. But should i call him out on the fact that he left me on read. I trust his personality completely and i know he's not the type of person to ghost another person. But I want things to be straight forward. I just want to have some good conversations with him and something to remind me that he's still there in my life.
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