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ISTJ's and motivation

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To all the ISTJ's out there...what gets you so motivated to do all the things you do, or have to do?
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well, motivation for things that I don't want to do, but have to do, comes from the fact that I will be able to RELAX and not have to worry about the chores piling up in the back of my mind!!.... unfortunately, there is usually always something to be getting done so relaxation doesn't happen as much as I would like, but getting things done at least eases my mind, and that is still enough motivation for me.
That's me 100%. That sense of delayed gratification that drives me to be proactive. Since last minute problems and changes are not something I want to have sneak up on me I get as much as I can done early, then if a problem arises I have time to deal with it instead of becoming overwhelmed. It's not a guarantee that something won't pop up last minute, but hey, I figure any opportunity to prevent chaos for myself later on is a plus. Score one for maintaining my sanity. :wink:
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