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Let's make the world a cleaner place. Rather than going through the hassle of posting a thread, here is a FAQ that could answer some of your basic questions about ISTPs:

Q: Why is the ISTP so quiet and distant?
A: 1. We are thinking.
2. We don't care much for smalltalk.
3. We are not particularly expressive when it comes to affection.
One thing to remember is that just because we are quiet and distant, it doesn't mean that we hate you.
Q: Is a [insert personality type here] compatible with an ISTP?
A: Any type is compatible with another type. Each type will bring different challenges, but it can work if both parties are willing to cooperate.
Q: How do I get along with an ISTP?
A: Find a fun activity. Don't bore us with meaningless smalltalk and go outside and do something. Get those limbs moving. If you have an interesting thing to talk about, then feel free to discuss. It is also highly unadvisable to attempt to control an ISTP. We are very independent individuals and we will resist being controlled.
Q: My ISTP is an asshole.
A: Not really a question, but ask yourself:
1. Was the assholery warranted?
2. Can you differentiate between blunt honesty and blatant assholery?
If you answered "Yes" to 1, then it's mostly on you after all. If we were merely being blunt, then that is because we have little patience for bullshit and prefer to get the point across in a direct manner. Plus if we truly value you as a person, then we think it would be a disservice to be dishonest.
Q: How can I communicate with ISTPs?
A: Be direct/straightforward and concise. If you can say something in two words, refrain from using three thousand.
Q: Have I offended my ISTP?
A: Have you:
1. Caused a genocide?
2. Purposely destroyed their valued possessions?
3. Betrayed them?
4. Hurt people they care about?
5. Reached the point of no return regarding your stupidity?
If your answer to the above questions is a no, then most likely you have not offended them.
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