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I always thought of myself as a perceiver type. I don't get stressed at all, I'm relaxed, calm, laid back, a bit lazy, chill and good in a crisis. But, recent events have got me thinking.
I typed myself as ISTP, but I'm not sure.

How I relate to ISTJ's:
- I'm very disciplined, most disciplined in my family. I like routine, it makes me feel comfortable, I very easily followed a workout plan. I'd rather have my simple Oatmeal, which I know I like and gives me a feeling of comfort each morning than something new. I dislike drastic change, I dislike new and uncomfortable surroundings. I dislike travelling. When I'm around my peers, I tend to be the one who looks after and picks up after everyone. I'm attracted to Se doms??

But then again, I'm easygoing, relaxed, and my motto is ''No worries!'', ''Live and let live.'' I have no solid plans for the future, I love sports that give me a rush and a feeling of the wind in my face, my clothes are casual, I'm natural at physical activities, when I am inferior, I usually act emotional.

Is what I wrote up above type related?

Thing is, I differ from my ESTJ and ESFJ relatives. They are pretty uptight, and always on time (I usually laze around until the last minute), they also panic easy and too orderly.
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