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I was wondering wether you guys think these characteristics are those of an introvert or someone who is shy, or both?

It takes me about a year to fit in to a new school, (in one school most of my friends didn't remember me being there the previous year because I tend to hang back and just observe). But after the year I will be on good terms with everyone and have a close group of really good friends.

I'm not very good at clubs, I don't get how random strangers can just hook up without even really talking first, it seems weird to me and although I'll partake it doesn't feel right.

I need time alone doing an activity where I can just focus and forget about everything (usually exercise based, running, boxing etc.)

I care probably too much about what people think of me and am very self-concious.

When I'm in a group that's too large I tend too withdraw completely and I find it uncomfortable.

I hate small-talk, for me it feels fake.

I don't really get society and trends and how groups function in the bigger picture. I want to escape from it all and just wander the world without responsibilities.

Yeah so it would be great to get your opinions, thanks.
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