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I took various MBTI tests and have been typed as ISTP. Reading about ISTP, however, I find some inconsistencies with most of my life experience.

"ISTPs have an adventuresome spirit. They are attracted to motorcycles, airplanes, sky diving, surfing, etc. They thrive on action, and are usually fearless."

"ISTPs are action-oriented people. They like to be up and about, doing things."

"They're usually good athletes, and have very good hand-eye coordination."

"Love variety and new experiences "

If I had to segment my life (that I can remember), it would be South Korea (ages 4-8), Texas (8-16), California (16-17), California college (17-21), post-college (21-current/22).

While living in South Korea from ages 4-8, I was exposed to South Korean culture. This included melodramatic Korean dramas & music as well as emphasis on values such as community, cooperation, and harmony over Western values of individualism. Basically gave me a dosage of F. I'm a typical "Mr. Nice Guy" who doesn't necessarily find touchy feely movies unpleasant. Also, I have an inclination toward arts. I have a decent aesthetic sense and played violin as well as piano on my own. At times, I feel like an ISFP (artist).
TL;DR : I have some F

When I was living with my parents (probably-INTJ dad & ESFP mom), I was under constant pressure to perform academically from my dad. While living in Texas, my life consisted of school, studying, and playing video games on computers with very little social interaction. The very introverted life style with about 1 genuine friend (who I didn't get to hang out with all that much thanks to controlling dad) and being an ethnic minority in a small city in a conservative state didn't help my self-confidence at all. Having no confidence in myself made me risk-averse.
TL;DR : I am risk-averse

My parents loved to go on road trips during summer and visit all sorts of national parks. I absolutely hated these road trips. It just felt like time I couldn't be on the computer, and another parent-imposed activity thrust into my life without my say. Not appreciating national parks seems to contradict Extraverted Sensing.
TL;DR : Hate road trips to see national parks

During high school, my dad got a new job in California that required much more of his time. So I got some breathing room & got more friends, California being the liberal & ethnically diverse state it is. I still had no interpersonal skills, low self-confidence, not much money (didn't seek job due to no interpersonal skills & low self-confidence and no allowance) to go try stuff out. I identified myself as a nerd, so I didn't try out for any sports.
TL;DR : No sports & no seeking out new experiences.

College was when I got full reign over my life. Unfortunately, most of college wasn't very productive due to the past. I spent most of my time skipping classes to play video games. I was too afraid to go out and socialize.
TL;DR : Still fail at life during college.

Then the summer after my sophomore year in college, I stumbled upon a self-improvement blog. I was tired of who I was and wanted to be better, but the thought of self-improvement had never occurred to me before. I had been in a fixed-ability mindset. I was just born smart and born with poor social skills and nothing I did could change that. I spent summer reading up on everything self-improvement.
TL;DR : Starting to turn life around.

Rest of college was semi-productive (old habits die hard).

Post-college: Got a job as software engineer. Money allows me to try new things. Bought a home gym setup, been working out consistently for a year. Started snowboarding, fell in love, and went for 20 days during my first season. Joined a rock climbing gym. Go bouldering 3x/week in addition to lifting weights 3x/week. Look better. Have more self-confidence. Somewhat better social skills.
TL;DR : Lots of physical activity.

I still don't really go out looking for new experiences (I'm open to them though if a friend suggests something), unless I suddenly get a strong impulse to try something out.

I feel like it's hard to take the personality tests objectively, because of the differences between who I was, who I am, and who i want to be. I sound like an ISTP?
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