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Top 5 ISTP Priorities

  • Family Relations

    Votes: 9 23.7%
  • Marriage

    Votes: 2 5.3%
  • Parenting

    Votes: 3 7.9%
  • Friendships/Social Life

    Votes: 10 26.3%
  • Career/Employment/College/Studies

    Votes: 24 63.2%
  • Personal Growth & Development

    Votes: 24 63.2%
  • Recreation/Fun/Leisure

    Votes: 30 78.9%
  • Alone Time

    Votes: 29 76.3%
  • Holidays & Celebrations

    Votes: 2 5.3%
  • Spirituality/Faith/Religion

    Votes: 4 10.5%
  • Cuddling/Affection

    Votes: 5 13.2%
  • Conventional Morals

    Votes: 6 15.8%
  • Citizenship/Environment/Community Life

    Votes: 1 2.6%
  • Health/Physical Well-Being

    Votes: 19 50.0%
  • Sex/Intimacy

    Votes: 12 31.6%
  • Dating or A S/O

    Votes: 5 13.2%

  • Total voters
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Poll ISTPs check which are your top 5 priorities

Of these listed things in what order would you place these things of importance for you?

Number 1. Being High Importance & Last Number Being Least Importance.

- Family Relations (all your immediate family)

- Marriage (seeking marriage) If your already married we will assume this is already a priority

- Parenting (seeking to become a parent)-If you already have children we will assume this is relevant

- Friendships/Social Life.

- Career/Employment/College/Studies

- Personal Growth and Development

- Recreation/Fun/Leisure/Relaxiation

- Alone Time

- Holidays & Celebrations

- Spirituality/Faith/Religion

- Cuddling/Affection

- Conventional Morals

- Citizenship/ Environment/ Community Life

- Health/Physical Well-Being

- Sex/Intimacy

- Dating or A S/O

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(I take my parenting seriously-I consider it very important to properly foster growth of my off spring and raise independent thinking, accountable, kind, thoughtful, individuals who have space for creative expression with direction-Theres lots of articles stating ISTPs are not very into parenting but just are into fun. I would argue that I can be strict with manners and accountability. With creative expression and mindless daily tasks easy going tho)

2. Alone Time

3. Personal Growth/Reflection/Development/Enlightenment/Enrichment

4. Career/Employment

5. Sex/Intimacy

6. Recreation/Fun/Leisure/Relaxation

7. Health/Physical Well Being

8. Citizenship/ Environment/ Community Life

9. Friendships/Social Life.

10. Cuddling/Affection

11. Spirituality/Faith/Religion

12. Dating or A S/O

13. Holidays & Celebrations

14. Marriage (seeking marriage) If your already married we will assume this is already a priority
This was a huge priority would of been number 4. when I was married in the happy years. But I always put my kids & personal enrichment above even marriage (which was a source of contention). Once I checked out mentally it would have been obsolete. Its still not last because I know I prioritize it high when it was relevant. That said outside of when I actually was married and invested. I was never someone seeking marriage prior or after. When that took place it progressed there naturally. I have never prioritized marriage and wedding day in fantasy prior to serious relationships just thinking of being married in itself or such. That is totally something I think should develop one day at a time.

15. Family
Outside two of my siblings who I hold dear (of course my kids too -talking bout immediate family outside my kids). My family blows. Do I love them, yes. But I do not prioritize family activity all that that high with them. The only reason I make nice with them on a generic level as far as get togethers is for my kids to have some sort of foundation thru where I came from, but not much. Good thing its not much that my mom even forces a fakey pretend event. And I definitely prefer being with someone who does not desire going home every or every other weekend. As I have hated relationships where it involves too much interaction with in-law type relations as I do not even suffer thru that with my own family all that much.

16. Conventional Morals
Most peoples morals that correlate with what society dictates blow. I believe in fuck'n manners, & considerate behavior. Totally think let live & let be (assuming no one is trespassing on another). I do not mind others having conventional morals, just as long as they do not blow my ear up about it. One could presume that I have no morals by that. I would argue I do they just are basic concepts that do not involve holding others to judgement for taboo things. But rather hold people into account for how they actually treat other human beings. Theres alotta conventionally 'good' people by societies definition, that tread on everyone they go past. How that hypocrisy is ethical to most is beyond me.

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This list changes often; such is life.

1. Recreation/Fun/Leisure/Relaxation
2. Alone Time
3. Health/Physical Well Being
4. Career/Employment/College/Studies
5. Personal Growth and Development
6. Family Relations
7. Sex/Intimacy
8. Friendships/Social Life.
9. Citizenship/ Environment/ Community Life
10. Cuddling/Affection

The rest are things I might think about but they are not a priority in my life right now. I am single with no kids. I am not interested in holidays/celebrations or conventional morals. I am not religious either.
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