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IT field - Life and Work in other countries

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Hi guys, some time ago, I have created a thread about how much are the average IT salaries in different countries:

Lately, I've been talking with a coworker about how the work conditions in our field (software/web application development) in our country sucks compared to other countries. Basically, here the management is often poor that projects often end up failing deadlines (managers promissing crazy deadlines to clients for the sake of winning them over other IT companies, and then lack of proper team management), and then we are often expected to work many extra hours for free, sometimes including weekends, that it ends up draining our energy and motivation. Also, while we often have some flexibility when it comes to work schedule (we don't have to arrive strictly at 9am), anyone who tries to do the normal 9am to 6pm might raise some eyebrows and seen as not committed to work, as we are expected to not get out right at 6pm (while in other countries, if you get out late it would mean that you're slow and did not finish your work in time, which is negative, unlike here). And then there is the salary part, in which we are poorly paid compared to other countries.
We have heard and read what others who went to other countries said (mainly in Europe), and all of them seems to be very happy (except for the climate).

So I wonder, is anyone in the IT field, specially software development, that lives in another country? Can you share a bit of how things are there? How is the work routine? Management? Extra hours?

Also, is having a course diploma relevant? I'm curious about this as while I'm a Bsc graduate, my husband does not have a university course. But he is very competent as a systems administrator with 10 years experience in being the only sys admin taking care of the whole infrastructure of a small call center company he works for (PCs, servers, networking, hardware and software systems, databases, plus a bit of programming), and I wonder if it would be hard for him to find a good job in other countries?
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