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Name: Lionyx
I got the name by playing word games online and chose it for my first word gaming website.


Location: USA, East Coast. Current location West Coast
Interesting story behind it? You'll have to buy my novel when it's finished to find out. :wink:

Age: Old enough to know better. Act young though. When I'm around my best friend and my two puppies I act around 30.

Personality -
MBPT: INFP. I learned about this over 20 years ago. It suits me well. I usually test as INFP.
I least like being around extremely logical people and extremely social people since I am nearly the opposite.
I most like being around creative and spontaneous people, especially anyone who loves words.

Personality tests: Everyone I could find I've taken. I come up with the same results, introvert or creative type.

I joined here to meet other INFPs.

Other -
Favorite toy-store section: Stuffed toys and word games

Collections: Dust :dry: Two Leonberger puppies. Paper everywhere. :dry: Word Gaming websites.

Phobias: Getting stung by wasps or yellow jackets or bees or hornets because I am allergic.
Snakes. Big spiders. Scorpions.

Favorite food: Chocolate anything, well except chocolate covered odd ball food such as grasshoppers. The darker the chocolate the better, 75 to 80 is great. I love the bitter flavor. There's a drug store in town, old-fashioned atmosphere, which carries unusual flavors of chocolate.

My favorite is a blueberry/blackberry chocolate bar made with dark chocolate. Another favorite is a dark chocolate mint bar. The chocolate is smooth.

Seattle Chocolates had a great flavor this last summer called Cocktails. It's only offered during the summer. The individual truffles have bits of tangy candy in them.

Another favorite is salted carmel chocolates. Many different companies make them. Mouth watering flavors too but my favorite again is their dark chocolate.

I tried an usual flavor dark chocolate with bacon bits. I like it but... needs more bacon to get the full effect of salty and sweet and bitter.

The drug store also makes it's own fudge. It's excellent as well.

Well... It was all complete until your website erased it. :angry: Not doing it again. I don't like lists and I'm not making another one. :tongue:

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Welcome to PersonalityCafe!

*You are hearing a robotic sounding voice coming towards you*

Greetings Lionyx and welcome to PersonalityCafe!! My name is Mr. CafeBot. I am here to personally greet you and thank you for joining our humble little forum. No matter your type, you will surely experience a wonderful time with the members of this forum. We cater to all personality types so you will never feel alone or weird. Truth is this forum is full of weirdos!! Pleazeee hel.... *Ahem*I mean we have the nicest people you will ever meet. :)

If you need basic forum information our newbie guide link is here...

To keep the forum entertaining and safe, our forum rules link is here...

We have a facebook style chat that you can enable throughout the site... Just read on how to enable it here...

If you need any help or have any suggestions, please let us know here...

We will always be glad to help you!

Also don't forget to watch my music video...

Again, welcome to our forum Lionyx. We hope that your experience with us is tremendously benevolent!


Please tip me 1 gold. I need to buy more coffee! @[email protected]
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