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I'm an ENFP. I'm just now learning what that means. Yesterday, I sat on a friend's couch and heard myself say, "What's not to love about me? I'm so damn loveable!"

This morning as I lay in my twelve year old daughter's bottom bunk (I recently initiated a live-in separation from my husband of 24 years) it dawned on me, the love I've not received from people that truly love me is not because of my shortcomings!! They were giving me love according to their personalities!! The times my husband has not given me the intimate verbal affirmation I needed had nothing to do with me not being worthy of it, it was because he's not wired that way!

I've suffered such heartbreak over the years because I've struggled with feeling like I'm too much and not enough and that's why I've not been loved the way I need. Thanks to this new realization, I feel like I've been released from a dimly lit confining space and walked into a wide open, lush field where birds are chirping, a gentle breeze is blowing and the air is sweet with the smell of honeysuckle.

Perhaps there is a personality type that would fully understand and appreciate the way I am and would in turn love me the way I need to be loved! The possibility is intoxicating.
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