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i've find my Contrary and want to be friends ps could have type her wrong

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so i have a estp friend and want to be friends but she has caused self-esteem problems but when I'm around she make good kind of crazy/mad but I'm not sure if thats a good idea that the problems will just get worst pls help ps sorry about my spelling and grammar
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It depends on how much effort you two are willing to put into it. My oldest friend is an ESTP. If you both want to be friends despite your differences, then you will be.
True but i think my friend dis' t know that that there is a problem and if she does know she want talk about it and she is still quite young
If you can't communicate about it, then there isn't a friendship.
The best advice I can give you, is that you talk to one of your parents or guardians about it. That's what they are there for, and I am certain they can help better than anyone on the internet can.
Yes i have talked to my mom about it but was wondering if people had any advice and your right about the friendship thing but i feel like she is to young to be able to sit down talk as it doesn't interest her the sit and talk thing but thats what I want to do the most btw were both homeschooled and she is in head in math which is how the self esteem problem started
Well nothing is going to happen if you don't talk to her
True but I'm a feared that she want take it seriously
And as i've never been to school this is the first time this has happened i mean i've done this before but it all ways been my family
If ya'll are that young, then it is better that your parents talk to her parents about it.
It is better to talk to your parents about it, and have y'all's parents talk if necessary.
I just don't think she wants to talk about that kind of stuff and would find it boring
Oh sorry didn't read what you wrote
True that would be good but it feels more like it's between me and her
I've got to talk to her don't I
Ok I'm not going to see her till Friday lots of time to think about what to say and to panic
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