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Jack of all trades, master of none?

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Do you identify with that phrase and why?

I do. I sometimes feel like I'm spread thinly over all my interests, but that I'm not as proficient in any of them as I think I should be. Is it an INTJ thing or just a Turquoise thing?

I know there is a thread where INTJ's discussed their obsessions and many mentioned being focussed on something for months and then switching to something else. This seems to be a type characteristic so I thought it would be interesting to know your experiences regarding my question.
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I do spread myself thin, in some ways.
I guess it depends on how you define "master." If it is relation to the subject material, there is always more to know when it comes to anything interesting, so it is hard to "master," particularly if your reference point is perfection. And I suspect INTJs are more aware of their deficiencies in this area than some other types - though not all of us care to admit it publicly.
Maybe I am being a little hard on myself. I mean, I work and there's only so many hours in the day. If I wanted to become extremely knowledgable in any area I would have to spend loads and loads of time on it and I'm not prepared to do that because then I neglect other areas of my life, but also, other interests.

If it is in relation to other people and their level of knowledge, well that's easy if you're keen, but what INTJ defines their knowledgebase in relation to other people?
Yeah, taking into account the people I know and have come in contact with so far, I am more knowledgable than the average person. It's not hard to be though, when you realise that all they do is read celeb tabloids and watch soap operas.
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I just get overly bored doing the same thing maybe.:mellow:
Absolutely! I get bored easily or I get to a point where I just want to start something new.
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I call it being a generalist rather than a specialist, and, frankly, I prefer it that way.

As much fun as the current passion at any given moment may be, there's always something else around the corner and I'd really feel I'd be missing out if I wasn't free to pursue it. Even if this means I won't become a 'master', I'm usually still way above average, so that's okay. Furthermore, as I stated in another post, these passions seem to recur at intervals, so there's always the opportunity to widen and deepen my knowledge at a later point. This is how I have mastered my very first and oldest passion by now, and that experience too helps me be more relaxed about all the others :wink:
You're right, being a master can be limiting :happy:
And produce lightning from my own hand!!! That would actually trump all the others.
As would laser eyes.
I always wanted to be invisible, like that girl from Fantastic Four, but I want to move through walls too (not sure if she does that). It sounds weird, but I would use it to spy on people. It would be so interesting to see people when they think no one's looking!

And less creepy: I always wonder what certain houses look like inside, so I would check out interesting properties this way. :tongue:
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