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Jack of all trades, master of none?

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Do you identify with that phrase and why?

I do. I sometimes feel like I'm spread thinly over all my interests, but that I'm not as proficient in any of them as I think I should be. Is it an INTJ thing or just a Turquoise thing?

I know there is a thread where INTJ's discussed their obsessions and many mentioned being focussed on something for months and then switching to something else. This seems to be a type characteristic so I thought it would be interesting to know your experiences regarding my question.
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Absolutely! I get bored easily or I get to a point where I just want to start something new.
I am always bored.
Occasionally though, I find something interesting enough to distract me from being bored, I'm still bored, just no longer paying attention to the fact. Soon as the distraction of shiny knowledge becomes simply knowledge, the realization of boredom returns.

Ultimate goal of multitasking?
To Write, Direct, Act, and Score my own major production movie. That will be the epitome of success.
After having published several books and albums, and piloted around the world on my own boat, of course.

And produce lightning from my own hand!!! That would actually trump all the others.
As would laser eyes.
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