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Welcome to the January missive.

There's not much to announce in the big scheme of things, so here's more review based on issues from the past few weeks to make everyone's year better.

Without much new happenings on the forum right now, this missive will focus on a few more reminders.

In June 2017 I reminded folks to please respect standard "Fair Use" laws. This means if you quote from an article, PLEASE DO NOT QUOTE THE ENTIRE ARTICLE

  • Place around three paragraphs of the article (the ones that are most relevant to your point) in Quotes.
  • Include a link to the official online posting of the article so people can go look at the full article if they so desire and to support that it's been published.
Our policy is that if you repost an entire article here and the owner complains, we will remove the post immediately. (It has happened on occasion due to trackbacks.)

Also, along with the ownership problem, while we have not had to make a hard and fast rule about this (because it's an easy thing to comply with), please consider the impact of posting long articles in a discussion without providing your own feedback on the article(s) you post. This is a discussion forum, so please contribute your own opinion of the things you Quote even if it's just a sentence or two (and use the Quotes so that people can tell what's an article and what is you). Posting walls of text that are not your own can also derail or discourage useful conversation. We will handle matters of this on an individual basis.

We request that you reserve official Retirements for departures of two weeks or more. Any member in good standing can retire when they want and return when they want, for whatever reason. We appreciate knowing why, in case there's an issue we can resolve for you, but don't feel like you need to explain.

Retirements (leaving and returning) are handled manually, to keep our banned members vs retired members in different lists. Retiring basically locks down your account. When you retire, you retain the ability to see the overall forum but lose access to all functionality except posting in the Feedback forums.

The two-week minimum is not a hard and fast rule but one that we appreciate you following. On occasion we've had to draw a harder limit with those continuously coming and going. (It's supposed to be more like when you go on vacation for two weeks or more IRL and get the neighbors to watch your pets and have your mail held, not for an overnight trip out of town.)

You can retire and/or unretire by contacting an Admin or Founder via

  • PM (for retirement only)
  • Private Feedback
  • the Contact Us panel

Another "soft" rule to heed.... Please use Mentions and Quotes respectfully -- Mentions in particular. Mentioning someone needlessly and regularly is an annoyance to them and can emulate trolly behavior depending on context and frequency. If someone specifically asks you to not Mention them anymore, please respect that.

Failure to respect other users with the Mention privilege can eventually result in disciplinary action and/or removal of the ability to Mention others altogether temporarily or permanently. Just stating this up front, and it also has happened on occasion.

Typically it's not a big problem for most members; please just use the ability thoughtfully (for a good reason) and respect a recipient's request to stop if they request it.

Note: Please do not Mention staff when there's a problem in a thread. We prefer that you go through the approved channels -- typically (1) Reporting the post (which contacts all the assigned staff for that area) or, (2) if something needs immediate attention typically to an Admin or Founder level, please PM us directly with a link to the thread/post in question. Using visible Mentions usually just creates extra tension in the thread and makes a situation worse.

Continue to keep an eye on that area for upcoming events and opportunities that might be of interest.

* * * * * * * *

If you have ideas for what you'd like to see covered in future letters, please PM me. And if you have any idea of cool forum functionality / things that folks might not know about, let me know that as well.

Thanks for reading!
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