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Jim Carrey

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Okay so I read that this guy is ENTJ. There is absolutely no way in hell that this guy is an ENTJ. I vote for ENFP. Who's with me?
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He probably an E (though you never know)

He is definitely an N but most likely with developed Se. His humor is very Ne based though, there is far too much going on in that brain of his when he is performing for him to not be using Ne.

He is definitely an F. If you know anything about him in real life you would know that he is a very values driven person.

He is most likely a P though maybe an X. He could even be a J when you compare him to real P comedians like robin williams.
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Keirsey is a huge ******

/back to thread

and I officially vote XNFX for jim carrey
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Would an E need a special, secret place with no people in the middle of nowhere to recharge? That's my question.
does jim carrey have a place like that?
ENTP. he is a pretty stereotypical one too. i'am amazed there's a discussion on this
he's too nice to be an entp lol :tongue:
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