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I believe Jim Carrey is a clear type 3 ENTP, especially after watching the documentary, Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond. I thought it was a very inspirational watch, btw. Highly recommend.

It is clear (in the documentary) that his deepest/core fear is of being worthless. He talks about this quite a lot. Early in his life, he initially tries to overcome this by becoming successful (type 3).

He's very people focused and interested in giving people what they need/want (Fe). He taps into what they want. He talks about how he figured out that people want to feel free of concern. So he tries to embody the guy who can give that to them when he's up there on stage (early in his career). This is also so he can get attention and feel worthy (type 3). He cares a lot about what other people think of him, about being liked by people.

If I were stereotyping, I might go with ENFP but I don't think a spiritual view of things or interest in more "mystical" things is something that only belongs to people of the NF temperament. Function wise, I also don't see it. I see his use of Ti when he starts going into philosophical mode (like with the teacup and The Butterfly Effect in the documentary) or it can be attributed to his desire to perfect his performing/imitation skills which we also see early on in his life. In addition, he's able to channel these other personas - completely become this other person and act based on the way they would act (or how he thinks they would) through Fe. After he's done playing (or becoming) that role, he talks about how he temporarily lost sight of himself and what Jim Carrey (talking about himself in the third person) values (or used to value). He comments in the documentary that Andy Kaufman's personality is different from his as well (I believe Andy to be the ENFP).

Clear Ne dom - he's incredibly abstract in his thinking (preference for intuition over sensing). He's not interested in complying to society's mold (inferior Si) of whatever abstract structures they've put in place (as he puts it). Everything is about play and experimentation (Ne). A lot of it is parody and completely trolling other people but a lot of the drama/emotion is real as well (as he talks about in the documentary). Just totally going with it in the moment (Ne). His whole life and identity and even self-worth revolve around being creative. Which is not to say that other types aren't creative or funny but Ne (or NP types) has a particular flavor of creativity/humor that is unique to itself.

He entertains the possibilities rather than really committing to any one (dom Ne). When he talks about how we're all going to the same place (after life) but then he changes his train of thought and talks about how or maybe (another possibility) there's nothing after you die and it's just him and the teacup and that he's just fine with that too ;) He plays around with hypothetical "what if" scenarios quite a bit (this is also Ne at play) ("What if I was Jesus?"). Because he's an ENTP, the desire there is to act act the various theories.

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I agree, he does seem like an ENTP to me. Though he is so complex it's hard to say what he really is. I think his characters tend to be ESFPs, but that's not the same as his actual personality, which is much more reserved and relaxed.
61 - 63 of 63 Posts
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