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Before you start apologize for my English, I am from another country and time does not practice.

Ok, before The Joker was just a man who wanted to get rid of their financial problems and get a good job to take care of his family. Then he saw desperate things were complicated and decided to (once) for the crime. When I was planning the action he had the sad news that his wife died, and to make matters worse he could not leave the planning to the theft, then this would result in a terrible tragedy.
He said that he decided to be mad when he saw the true face of the world; accepted what the world is and reborn. People see it as an ENTP, and I even agree, but what he before? It was also an ENTP? I do not see anything like that.
My point is that it is really possible to personality change when we experience things completely out of our control and situation? I know that the example I gave above is a fictional story, but I know some people who decided to give up the love and happiness to embrace his' dark side ''. This person was a good friend of mine, he is currently exiled from society as practiced politically incorrect actions.
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