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"Without struggle there is no progress."-Think back to last summer and think about where you were a year ago and see how much progress was made.

As some background information, I had severe depression in the winter of my Junior year in high school. This left me with a self loathing attitude where I became bitter of the world and everyone in it.

Fast forward to the summer of that year, and you will see me cleaning everything left in the rampage of my brother's multiple suicide attempts, cooking for my family, doing everything for them to function.I would just go from point a to point b, and usually spent my day in the hospital visiting my brother. I had to deal with my Grandmother lashing out at me because she couldn't deal with her own feelings. This had hurt me so much, that then I realized that she favored my brother purely because he was like her.
I still have a lot of feelings pent up towards my brother, but since then I've learned to trust my therapist, to openly discuss my feelings without feeling hurt or judged. When you have been dealt so much anger and sadness compressed in the time span of two years, you forget how to think for your own importance. I have not stopped self harming, but I did have a couple of months where I did get better. I know to continue trying.

Please do this topic as well :)!
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