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I have been immersing myself in exploration of the MBTI for somewhere close to two years now. During this time I experienced a lot of confusion about my type, and drove myself insane trying to figure everything out and type myself. I could sense that there was at least some valid credibility to Jungian Theory, but I didn't understand how it all tied together or how it pertained to me subjectively. As a result of growing exasperated by my own, "analysis paralysis," I decided to cave in and seek someone MBTI certified. I found someone who helped me discover I am an INTP, but my exploration isn't ending there.

To me it doesn't make sense to stop at knowing our type; I'm not interested in identity or labeling, and if that's what MBTI was about, I would evade such a thing. Rather, Jungian theory has opened my eyes to a new realm of perspectives, understanding, coping skills, personal growth, and advising. It assisted me with finding new coping techniques for stressors such as intolerance for incompetence in others or myself. Someone who, like me, simultaneously sees many definitions of competence can become especially overwhelmed by expecting themselves to fulfill the shoes of each one, and can feel inferior when this is not adequately accomplished. Interconnected with this is perhaps the most expansive area it's assisted my growth in: compatibility awareness. Not only with others, but also myself.

With the help of Jungian theory, I have successfully overcome life-long insecurities that manifested from having different strengths and weaknesses than others. I always knew it was unhealthy to compare myself to them, but having esteemed competence so highly, I still had a tendency to secretly condemn myself if I fell shorter than they did. I clearly recognized a deficiency in specific areas which I now understand were mostly revolving around my Extroverted Sensing "Blind Spot." However, prior to knowing about the MBTI, I was mostly void of understanding as to why those deficiencies were there, or how to strengthen them.

Jungian theory explained the reasoning behind my having difficulties performing in certain types of jobs in spite of the fact that I'm intelligent, and taught me how I can strengthen those weaknesses. This in turn also helped me to embrace teamwork more than perfectionism in being a "Jack of All Trades," and focus on my own strengths I can contribute to a team more naturally.

Personality Cafe is a place where people are actively interested. Either we're seeking answers to questions, or helping to provide answers. My goal on this site is to help provide the most accurate information I possibly can via information relay, and to share my own eclectic insights, thoughts, questions, and theories that have been derived from various official sources. At times I will also inject my own firsthand experiences which may or may not accurately correlate to official sources; for this reason, I aim to specify when I'm speaking from subjective experiences or insights rather than conveying information from verified sources. I hope to provide information that will help change the lives of others who are interested, just as they have changed mine.

While I do wish to impart knowledge onto others with as much accuracy as possible, bear in mind that I am still learning myself; the older my posts are, the less advanced they will likely be. In the meantime, I openly welcome anyone who wishes to add me or follow my posts during this growing process.
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