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Just Artists?

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Looking through ISFP descriptions and discussions, it seems that everyone agrees on being artsy. The ISFPs I've met, however, have all been science people. I know one majoring in Chemistry, and another majoring in Physics!

Stereotypically speaking, these would seem more like ISTP-ish pursuits. The Physics major, especially, struck me as ISTP-ish at first, but he tests as an ISFP, and as I've looked into it, it would seem to make sense in terms of cognitive functions.

Can any of you relate to being more technical rather than artsy? Or breaking the mold otherwise, somehow? Why is it that everyone seems to accept ISFPs as being purely artistic and ISTPs as being purely mechanical? Can it not be the other way around?

I know that it's common for INFPs to be interested in the sciences, but I've never heard anything about their sensing counterparts.
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I studied natural science in high school.
At university I majored in behavioural science though. I guess I just find people more interesting than "dead" stuff.

I appriciate music a lot; it's one of my favourite things to spend time with.. but I'm not artsy.
Today I spent several hours assembling furniture. Very fun. I love working with my hands.. your whole mind focuses on that, and what your next move will be. It's like meditation.
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