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Like Gwen, I majored in science as well. I have always been good at drawing and other crafts, but I also enjoy science. I had no interest in being a starving artist, so I took the other route.

I majored in Geography, so I studied climatology, meteorology, oceanography, remote sensing, GIS (mapping). It's very spatial in nature, and this is how my mind works. The concepts just came easily to me. I also enjoyed my pre-req physics classes. I read, later on, that ISFPs are very spatial in their way of thinking, and this applies to me.

I enjoyed some of the technical aspects of it, such as the science behind light and it's interactions with the atmosphere and Earth's surface. I enjoyed the challenge of figuring out which equation applied to the situation.

I honestly, though, do not enjoy working with computers. The problem with mapping for me was, in order to work your way up the ladder, you need to be able to program. Nobody told me this until I got out into the work force. I just suck at programming. I find no joy in it, so I gave up on the whole GIS career.

And I did miss the artsy and creative side of me when I was doing this. I liked making my maps look "pretty", but in reality, you rarely produce a paper map. Most maps you hand off to another party on a flash drive, and they have the ability to change the colors and layout however they like. My creative side just couldn't be appreciated this way.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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