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For myself, I did awfully in Chemistry at the high school level and because of that I don't plan to touch it in college anytime soon unless I absolutely have to. It probably was the technical aspect that didn't really click with me. I liked the experiments and memorizing the elements on the table..but molecular theory and all of that stuff flew completely over my head.

For other ISFPs, I don't think it's too uncommon to be involved in the sciences, especially biology, geology, and things like environmental studies. I think people accept ISTPs as being technical because it's the stereotype - of course it can be the other way around. A trait of SPs in general is creating and using our hands so what we create isn't always specific to what's expected for our type.

I'm not that into creating art so I guess I break the mold in that sense. I like to think my strengths are in linguistics and writing, even though I know that's stereotypically an N type pursuit. I don't love writing, but I can bust out some pretty good papers when I need to. I'm still looking for a subject that fits me the best, I think.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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