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When I began college I wanted to do something that was creative but also practical and would benefit humanity. I thought about art a little but seen it as too impractical so I decided to take up engineering instead. I picked electrical engineering because it was a very versatile creative medium, my first goal was a job but my second was something I can have fun with.

I got a technician degree (associates) and started working and living on my own. I saw what the electronics industry was really like and it is VERY dull and routine. I was working towards a bachelors but dropped out. I was offered a promotion where I currently work to go from technician to associate engineer but I turned it down, no longer have an interest in something so dull. I am good at understanding electronics because I approach it with the goal of using it for my own creations but in practice it is very bureaucratic - meetings, arbitrary rules, repetition, staring at laptops every day. To me that is hell. I can understand abstract concepts just fine, I just usually don´t have an interest in them and the environments surrounding where these concepts are discussed.

I´ve decided engineering was a mistake since I haven´t met a single like-minded person in that field yet and I have never felt fulfilled with my jobs. Time for a new career. Maybe I´ll choose art or music this time.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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