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I've only gotten one sunburn in my life, but here's what I did. I've given these directions to friends who've gone and gotten themselves wicked burns and they all say it helped quite a bit:

You'll need:
a bottle of cocoa butter lotion
coconut oil if you can find it
bottle of aloe vera gel (found at most drug stores. I got mine at either Walmart or Target, I cannot recall)

green tea or coffee, whichever you prefer
mixed nuts like almond and sunflower

Some aspirin if you need it

a good book or a show to watch for a couple of hours


What am I going to do with all this stuff? you ask?

Well, make your tea or coffee, and then the coconut oil, aloe vera gel, cocoa butter lotion, the coffee grounds (if you're using coffee, make sure to grind it up very, very finely because you don't want to scratch yourself in the process) or the tea from the used tea bag and some of the avocado get mixed together and applied heavily to the skin that was sunburned and damaged. You'll then want to chillax with your book or show and eat the remaining foods (they're all specifically picked because they have high levels of nutrients that your skin is craving while recovering. Eating these should assist in a faster recovery). Leave this mixture on for as long as possible, a few hours if you can, and then rinse off gently. If you can use the mask more than once, it works better. Apply the aloe vera gel and cocoa butter lotion by themselves and then apply the sunscreen about 20 minutes before you're to go outside again, even - no, especially - if it's overcast, and keep wearing sunscreen. The last thing you want to do right now is damage your skin again while it's trying to heal. The antioxidants in all the foods should help you not scar too much, too.

Good luck!
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