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''Just knowing'' about Life

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I know this was posted somewhere under the INFJ forum, but felt like posting something of similar nature in INFP forum..My apologies if I repeat myself too often heh..

Anyway, have you ever had a "just knowing" about certain aspects of your life, regardless of what is shown on the surface or in present reality?

For example..

...a ''just knowing'' that someone is not right for you, even though he/she seemed alright at that time and much later, it turns out that you were right.
...a ''just knowing'' that these few friends are the ones who will change you the most eventually
...a ''just knowing'' that you are perfect for a job or a line of work
...a ''just knowing'' what dream you are meant to pursue in life
...a ''just knowing'' that a stranger will be someone you truly connect with on many levels.

I've had so many of these in my life...


..I ''just knew'' that my third ex would break my trust and abuse my emotions, but I ignored it in favor of what seemed to be right on the outside. It turns out I was correct.

..I ''just knew'' that I would connect deeply with my second ex again, even though I knew it would be very tricky and a bit of a roller-coaster ride that might go on for years. It turns out I was correct.

..I ''just knew'' that two people I knew on youtube since 2009 would turn out to be my best friends, even though at first the interactions were only online. It turns out I was correct.

..I ''just knew'' that an ex friend was telling lies about me to an ex fling. It turns out I was correct

..I ''just knew'' at one point a long time ago, I would suffer first more in my academic area and as compensation, my personal life will be more stable than it. It turns out, contrary to reason and logic at first (logically it had seemed I would do fine in academics), I was correct.

..I ''just knew'' that I would regret not cutting out a few people in my life soon enough. It turns out I was correct.

..I ''just knew'' when would be the time to grow apart from my closest friends. It turns out I was correct.

..I ''just knew'' that I would get unexpected insights and answers by opening up more on this INFP forum and starting random threads. It turns out I was correct :crazy:

I have a lot of ''just knowing'' about where I'm going, where I'm heading, what's meant for me right now too. But I'm not sure if it's wise to share those precious aspects. I do have a strong ''just knowing'' thing, but argh, I HATE MY FEARS that block it.
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I know what you mean, when you get that feeling, what does it feel like? Do you you get any physial sensation at all?
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I can't explain it. It's like a sudden thing that lights up inside me.

Sometimes it brings so much light and the more light, the more I get frightened and suddenly become over dramatic.
For me, i think
I Just knew I was going to go to Falmouth as soon as applied for it, and beleive me i'm not the wishful thinking type.
I just knew I was going to be really close friends with this girl who came from Hong Kong.
I just knew there was something about my INFJ friend that was unqiue and special about him, before i knew he was INFJ.
I just knew all the guys in my college would fancy my friend Jess.
I just knew this boy who broke my heart before would comming running back to me and i would reject him.
I see! Kind of like an On switch, like a burst of enlightenment?
I can't explain it. It's like a sudden thing that lights up inside me.

Sometimes it brings so much light and the more light, the more I get frightened and suddenly become over dramatic.
Yeah, like it's meant to steer me towards more hope (that's a sign that it's correct right?) but at times, because of that it scares me.

Like now I have a ''just knowing'' about who I will spend most of my time with in the future, but .. I get doubtful because I'm me. And a lot of other things.
I agree. I have a lot of "just knowing" experiences. And with people, I usually am great at getting along with just about anyone and I can always find good things in almost I have had quite a few experiences in my life when I have decided to work against my "just knowing" feeling and give the person a serious chance. My ex, I had serious doubts about after 3 weeks, but I fought against that voice. After 2 years, it probably turns out I should have listened to that voice....but I guess at least I learned a lot from the experience. I've had a similar intuition about one of my closest friends in the past. I had reservations about her at first, but overlooked them and ended up feeling completely hurt, used and betrayed....

I have it about postive things, too. Like the school I knew I wanted to go to, most of my career choices and following my bliss instead of continuing to suffer through life with an office job and it has worked out well so far. Even if I don't yet have a grand plan to follow, taking life by the little episodes and doing what feels right to me has worked very well for me so far.

On the flip side, sometimes I think I follow the intuition at the expense of practicality. Mostly it has worked for me, but then I look at other folks who live with much more caution and more carefully and sometimes notice that they aren't having to struggle so much financially. I don't think I would feel fulfilled if I did that all the time, but it would be nice not to have to struggle financially so much, if I could just put more planning into a job or career, I suppose.....but I still have a feeling that it's going to work out for me. :)

For me, my intuition isn't so much a physical sensation, or at least not that I notice. If I am getting a positive intuition, I get really excited and have a lot of passion about heart just tells me "this is it!" and I know it's the right choice. With negative intuitions, I can get really stressed or uncomfortable and I know it's wrong. Though as I said, with people, I often try to overlook it, at least in the past. After this has happened so many times, though, I am vowing to really pay attention to my intuition about people more now, though!!!
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''Just knowing'' is sometimes sudden out of nowhere
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true. For me, the positive "just knowings" are always lightening fast realizations, for instance, where I went to school or what I want to do next with my life (like when I quit a boring job and started working in theatre and arts with no safety net even though everyone thought I was crazy. I had a lightening flash knowing that it would be good for me and that I would survive.

With the negative "just knowings", I suspect they happen just as fast. But I tend to be the eternal optimist and it's a lot harder for me to believe my negative intuitions, especially if they are about people. So in the past, I think I have buried that intuition under a pile of doubt and then it becomes a nagging voice that I either try to ignore or eventually realize is right. But like I said, now that it has happened enough and been correct, I am realizing that the negative intuition about people is a safety feature I have built in and I need to pay more attention to it. So I am trying. I straddle the line between Introversion and Extroversion really, though, so I don't know if that has something to do with me having a harder time trusting my negative intuitions. It probably does have something to do with how I don't notice so much of a physical sensation, I suppose.
I have this too...though they're usually almost of a psychic quality...knowing I'm about to come down with something specific, knowing something's going to go wrong, knowing what's going to be on the radio (I hear a song starting in my head and it starts for real like a second later), knowing "something" is going on but not what, knowing someone's not doing well...that kind of thing. Could be a coincidence! Sometimes I think our intuition stems from us liking to make connections...maybe our brains add up all the pieces and make the connection to what's likely going to happen next subconsciously without us realizing it.
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I've had several instances of this, though sometimes it feels more like getting hit upside the head by the universe and being told what I will do. Example - I never had any intention what-so-ever of joining the military. The concept is pretty much anathema to me. However, one random day in while I was walking out of the library my senior year, I just knew that I was going to enlist. It came from nowhere and wasn't a voice or anything that told me, it was just a sudden drop in my stomach and pressure throughout my entire body followed by chills and this tingling energy feeling that I associate with my "truth sense" or whatever you want to tall it. It is only because of my choice there that I found my passion for nursing when I was resistant to being anything resembling a typical job.

I had something similar when I started to get more involved with my soon to be ex, but now I see it was actually a warning. The sensations were similar, but whereas the drop in my stomach that I had before was more like a drop on a roller coaster, this one was more like a punch in the gut. Similarish, but not anywhere near the same at all.
I get this too!!!! Sometimes I'm afraid to trust it, though...

I'm pretty sure a lot of it is due to intuition, although there may be more things at play here. Due to just knowing how things will turn out, I can usually know exactly how to handle a certain situation so that everyone will be satisfied.
I ''just know'' where I'm heading, I hope I have the courage to believe.
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