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Just a poetry thread for freeform or structured. Whatever comes to mind.

Some of the thoughts that seem to bubble forth while I'm trying to sleep.


"Insanity. What defines your sanity? What defines your insanity? Society.
What if society is broken? What if you're sane and they're the crazy ones? What if it all is insanity?
What cures the sanity? What creates the insanity? How do the insane deal with the sanity of the sane?
Love is insanity. Emotion is irrational. Thought is logical. But the logical are punished, as though they were insane... Insane.
Impossiblity is defined by the weak. Incredulity is experienced by those who abide. Expansion is performed by the doers. Intelligence is created by the thinkers.
Walls are broken down. Barriers destroyed. Idealogies dissolved. Systems shattered.
Prepare for the expansion of sanity. Prepare for the impending battle. Insane clashing with the sane. With the victor being the people.
But this battle is not seen. It is not public. It is private. Is within the depths of those willing to dive deeper.
It is the battle between the emotions and the logical. The body and the mind. The first and final battle to be fought. The never ending war in us all..."

Figured this would apply in some sort of lyrical sense.
If it doesn't work for a song, it's a poem.

"Silent tears fall as the heart slowly shatters. All because of his own stupidity. All because of a girl. Idiot."

"Frustrations felt by the unskilled artist. They burn my soul. I'm incapable of visual expression of my pain. It's burns my heart. I wish to show my emotions. I wish to reveal my pain to the rest of the world. Words can only express so much. I want to kill this wall I have put around me. But I cannot handle the emotions within myself. I need touch. I need external expression. I need her. That person that can understand and save me from myself, without being sucked in herself. I need help."

As I said, just some ramblings.
Again, enjoy, critique, just make sure to give due credit if you use any of it :)

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