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Hey, so I haven't seen any other similar threads about this specific representation of the heroes in the Justice League so I thought I'd start one as I'm curious to hear other people's opinions! Feel free to correct me on any of these but these are my theories:

- Batman / Bruce Wayne:
A definite INTJ. No doubt about it.

- Superman / Clark Kent:
I know he was in the movie for like 5 minutes but off the basis of Man of Steel and Batman VS Superman I'd say either ISTJ or ISFJ. The way he acts around Lois and his parents make me think ISFJ though.

- Wonder Woman / Diana Prince:
ESFJ or ENFJ. I'm thinking she's more likely an ESFJ because of how she sacrificed 100 years of her life because she felt guilty about Steve's death. She doesn't seem like much of an extravert on the surface in the Justice League movie but the way she manages to sweeten up Victor makes me think that she's a lot more socially confident than she lets on. Also, her air of elegant confidence in Batman VS Superman.

- The Flash / Barry Allen:
Either an ENFP or a super obnoxious INFP. I personally am a very obnoxious INFP but I related a lot to Barry on many levels.

- Aquaman / Arthur Curry:
ISTP or ISTJ. Acronym-wise I'd say ISTP but cognitive function-wise I'd say ISTJ. I'm not sure. He's definitely an introvert though.

- Cyborg / Victor Stone:
INTP. Genius IQ, an air of social awkwardness...all point to INTP.

- Lois Lane:
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